The FATF keeps Pakistan on the grey list

The FATF keeps Pakistan on the grey list.
The FATF keeps Pakistan on the grey list.

Recently, Dirty Money Watchdog gives Pakistan a chance to comply with all 27 points by February 2021

Islamabad: The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has decided to keep Pakistan on its ‘grey list’ despite successfully implementing 21 out of 27 points. The decision was made by the International Monitoring Organization (IMO) at its virtual meeting on October 21-23 to prevent the financing and financing of terrorism.

It reviewed Pakistan’s progress on the 27-point action plan. The decision was announced by FATF President Marquis Player after a three-day meeting today.

Pakistan Watchdog has been on the grey list since June 2018.

Ministery of Industry and Production Hamad Azhar said that Pakistan has made impressive progress on the FATF Action Plan. 21 of the 27 action items are now cleared. The remaining six classifications are partially complete. Within a year, we continued to develop finished goods from 5/27 to 21/27. The FATF acknowledged that blacklisting is now off the table,” Industry and Production Minister Hamad Azhar tweeted.

later, he said “Instead of the current action plan, the focus has been on how to facilitate our second assessment (MER) in the middle of next year,” he said. I congratulate our federal and provincial teams who have worked day and night during epidemics to ensure this break.

Earlier on Thursday, Islamabad had categorically rejected false media reports regarding the FATF’s assessment of the country’s action plan.

While, In response to media questions about Saudi Arabia’s role in evaluating Pakistan’s FATF action plan, Foreign Office spokesman Zahid Hafeez Chaudhry called the news “false and baseless.”


However, “Pakistan and Saudi Arabia enjoy strong fraternal ties, and the two countries have always cooperated on all matters of mutual, regional and international importance,” the statement said. Propaganda


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