Faisalabad textile industry resumed despite labor shortages

Faisalabad textile industry resumed despite labour shortages
Faisalabad textile industry resumed despite labour shortages

For the first time since 1990, the textile industry has been fully restored in Faisalabad. Fifty thousand closed power looms have been installed. While the possibility of installing another 30,000 new looms has also become apparent.

According to a private TV channel report, good news has come out for the textile industry in Pakistan. Exporters in Pakistan are getting many foreign orders, which has ensured the revival of the textile sector.

Due to the operation of 50,000 power looms, there is a shortage of more than 200,000 workers. Employment opportunities have been created for these 200,000 workers.


According to the report, the coronavirus crisis has severely affected the textile sector worldwide. Thanks to government measures in Pakistan, the corona has been primarily controlled, so Pakistani exporters began to receive numerous textile sectors’ orders. Are

Upon receipt of the order, more than 50,000 closed power looms have started operating, but 200,000 laborers are required to work in these looms, for which laborers from other small districts of Punjab are being shifted to Faisalabad.

With the improvement of exports, uninterrupted electricity supply to the industry, and the operation of closed power looms in Faisalabad, and another 30,000 power looms are likely to be installed.


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