Gilgit-Baltistan: Unconfirmed unofficial results of all seats, PTI in the forefront

Gilgit-Baltistan: Unconfirmed unofficial results of all seats, PTI in the forefront

Gilgit-Baltistan elections, all 23 seats unconfirmed unofficial results, PTI leads with ten seats. After the elections in Gilgit-Baltistan, unconfirmed unofficial results of all 23 seats came out. PTI won ten seats, six by independent candidates, three by PPP, two by PML-N, one by MWM (Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen). But the BNF (Blooristan National Front) only one candidate has succeeded.

Amjad Hussain of Pakistan Peoples Party won from two constituencies GBA 1 Gilgit 1 and GBA 4 Nagar 1, the first time in Gilgit-Baltistan that a candidate has won from two constituencies.

Unofficial Result

GBA 1, Gilgit 1: According to unofficial results, PPP’s Amjad Hussain won 11,178 votes. Independent candidate Sultan Raees came second with 8356 votes.

GBA 2 Gilgit 2: Jamil Ahmed of PPP won with 6848 votes. PTI’s victory came second with 6,229 votes.

GBA 4 Nagar 1: PPP’s Amjad Hussain won with 6104 votes. Muhammad Ayub Waziri of Tehreek-e-Islami came second with 5606 votes.

GBA 5 Nagar 2: According to unconfirmed and unofficial results, independent candidate Javed Ali won with 2443 votes while independent candidate Zulfiqar Ali came second with 2122 votes.

GBA-6 Hunza: Obaid of PTI won with 5624 votes while independent candidate Noor Mohammad came second with 4584 votes.

GBA 7, Skardu 1: Raja Zakaria Khan of PTI won with 5288 votes. Mehdi Shah of PPP came second with 4140 votes.

GBA 8, Skardu 2: Muhammad Kazim of MWM won with 7534 votes. Muhammad Ali Shah of PPP came second with 6904 votes.


GBA 9: According to unconfirmed and unofficial results, Skardu 3, independent candidate Wazir Saleem won with 6286 votes. PTI’s Fida Mohammad Nashad came second with 5187 votes.

GBA 10, Skardu 4: Independent candidate Nasir Ali Khan won with 4667 votes. PTI Minister Hassan came second with 3344 votes.

Rest of The Seats

GBA-11, Khurramang: Syed Amjad Ali of PTI won with 5733 votes. Independent candidate Iqbal Hassan came second with 2577 votes.

GBA 12, Shigar: PTI candidate Raja Azam Khan won with 10,349 votes. Imran Nadeem of PPP came second with 8459 votes.

GBA 14, Astor 2: PTI candidate Shamsul Haq Lone won with 5418 votes. Muzaffar Ali of PPP came second with 3559 votes.

GBA 19: According to unconfirmed and unofficial results, Ghazir 1, independent candidate Nawaz Khan Naji, won 6448 votes. Here Zafar Zafar of PTI came second with 6128 votes.

GBA 22, Ganchhe 1: Independent candidate Mushtaq Hussain won with 6051 votes. Here Ibrahim Sanai of PTI came second with 4945 votes.

GBA 23, Ganchha 2: Independent candidate Abdul Hameed won. And PTI’s Amna Bibi came second with 3296 votes.

GBA 24, Ganchha 3: According to unconfirmed and unofficial results, PPP’s Muhammad Ismail won with 6204 votes while PTI’s Syed Shamsuddin came second with 5381 votes.

Furthermore, one thousand two hundred sixty polling stations were set up in 23 Gilgit-Baltistan constituencies. The number of male polling stations was 503, the number of female polling stations was 395, while the number of joint polling stations for male and female voters was 362.

Moreover, the number of registered voters of the Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly is 745,361. However, the number of male voters is 45,063, and the number of female voters is 339,998, while 126,997 voters had to exercise their voting right for the first time.


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