I still like Fawad Khan-Aiman Khan

I still like Fawad Khan-Ayman Khan
I still like Fawad Khan-Ayman Khan

Karachi: Actress Aiman Khan says that she still likes actor Fawad Khan. Drama actress Aiman Khan shared videos on Instagram in which she gave interesting answers to various questions. She was asked a question to give the first impression of any famous actor or actress to which Aiman replied that whenever I meet Iqra Aziz, I like the way she meets her because whenever she meets her, they start screaming.

Aiman Khan was asked the second question as to which celebrities in the showbiz industry were the ones who she liked at first sight. Answering this question, the actress smiled and said that it is Fawad Khan, who I like very much even today.

Aiman Khan was also asked if any actor or actress was working with her who had bothered her. The actress gave an interesting answer and mentioned the name of her husband Muneeb and said that Muneeb Butt had annoyed her a lot in the drama “Bandi”. I think boys do such things.


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