In 2021, we may have to fight a terrible war with India, Xi Jinping

In 2021, we may have to fight a terrible war with India, Xi Jinping
In 2021, we may have to fight a terrible war with India, Xi Jinping

There is bound to be a third world war, but everyone is unaware of where it will begin, where the center will be, and how terrible the consequences will be. At the moment, however, the tug-of-war over North Korea and Iran’s naval tanks, the unwarranted US sanctions on Iran, and then China’s confrontation with Taiwan and India are not going to end quietly.

Taiwan is calling on the United States to get rid of China, while India is also trying to escape the clutches of China at Ladakh. It is conceivable that China could face a confrontation in 2021 because of its Has opened its front in many places because the United States has left no stone unturned to harm it economically.

Therefore, to deal with the dangers of a possible war, Xi Jinping has ordered his People’s Liberation Army to be ready to fight any kind of war. The Chinese president said that we should jump into the field at any time to fight a sudden war. Therefore, war exercises should be started and the soldiers should be ready to die at any time. He said that with the kind of front we have with Taiwan and India, we may have to fight a war in 2021.

In any case, as the Socialist Party’s socialism draws to a close, it also shows that it will give a good gift to its country. Xi Jinping ordered his army, saying “you are ready to fight in a second.” The commanders of my army and the soldiers should all be ready. Free yourself from any kind of hardship or fear of death. Technology should be used extensively to strengthen the army and the capability of the soldiers should also be enhanced.

To succeed in the operation, the use of computers should be included in the online practice so that the army can use technology on the battlefield to inflict heavy blows on the enemy. It may be recalled that in June last year, There was a bloody war in which 20 Indian soldiers were killed and the whole of Ladakh was occupied by China. Therefore, there is still a tussle between India and China on this border. While a few days ago, China’s confrontation with Taiwan also started, when the US fleet reached Taiwan’s request at sea, China also started flying its boy planes there. Now let’s see how successful China is on the front lines these days.


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