Israel attack on Gaza despite ceasefire

Israel attack on Gaza despite ceasefire
Israel attack on Gaza despite ceasefire

Gaza: Despite last month’s ceasefire, Israeli warplanes once again bombed Gaza.

According to the International News Agency, a statement issued by the spokesman of the Israeli army said that in response to the firing of the bomb from Gaza on Israeli soil, fighter jets targeted and destroyed a compound of Hamas.

In this regard, the Israeli Foreign Ministry says that Jordan has been contacted at the highest level and warned about the attack of fireballs from Gaza and warned that if such operations continue, the ceasefire agreement will be terminated.

On the other hand, Hamas leaders, while confirming the Israeli attack, said that the brave Palestinians would continue to resist and liberate their land from the occupying forces. Hamas has not confirmed any casualties in the Israeli attack.

A foreign news agency quoted a local reporter as claiming that at least three people had been killed in the attacks on both sides, while fireballs fell on Israeli fields, setting them on fire in 12 places.


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