Kabul once again resounded with explosions

Kabul once again resounded with explosions
Kabul once again resounded with explosions

KABUL: The Afghan capital has been rocked by explosions for the third time this month. However, this time apparently targeting two vehicles at two different locations.

According to the International News Agency, two consecutive explosions were heard in the Afghan capital, both at separate locations. But the sound of the explosions caused panic in the area as the two locations were close to each other.

The first blast hit a vehicle, completely destroying the car, and all four occupants were taken to hospital in critical condition, where all four are said to be in critical condition.

The second blast hit the main highway, injuring three people. Dozens of people were injured in the stampede after the blasts and several vehicles collided. More than 12 passers-by have been injured in two major hospitals in the area.

It is noteworthy that this is the third major explosion in Kabul this month. Despite the intervention of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo between the Taliban and the Afghan government negotiating teams in Doha. So far no progress has been made and the violence in Kabul has increased.


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