Hafeez Center in the grip of a terrible fire

Hafeez Center in the grip of a terrible fire
Hafeez Center in the grip of a terrible fire

Lahore’s famous computer and mobile market Hafeez Center in the got a terrible fire. Despite rescue operations, the fire began to engulf other floors as time went on. Find out what the eyewitnesses have to say.

According to private TV, the fire broke out on the second floor of the plaza at 6 am, which also engulfed the third and fourth floors. According to initial estimates, 50 to 60 shops were burnt to ashes. However, the number is expected to increase.

While the Shops in the plaza contained mobile phones, computers and other electronics, which is causing the fire to intensify, while diesel drums on the roof of the plaza, which are used for generators, also caught fire.

In spite of Twelve rescue vehicles and a snorkel is engaged in extinguishing the fire but still, the fire is out of control. but after 3 hours, the intensity of the fire could not be brought under control. Authorities called for more fire brigade vehicles.

CCPO Lahore Umer sheikh was present at the occasion and he said we will bring all the resources to control the fire.



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