Marvel’s Eternals Trailer Sets MCU Record During Pandemic

Marvel's Eternals Trailer Sets MCU Record During Pandemic
Marvel's Eternals Trailer Sets MCU Record During Pandemic

After the first glimpse at Eternals debuted in Marvel Studios’ theatrical sizzle reel, fans have been eagerly waiting for the first trailer for Marvel’s upcoming film, Eternals, and their wishes have finally been granted.

On Monday, Marvel Studios released a two-minute look at their upcoming project, which will hit theaters on 5 November. Eternals boasts an enormously star-studded cast, featuring the likes of Academy Award-winning actresses Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek portraying Thena and Ajak, as well as Game of Thrones, fan-favorites Richard Madden and Kit Harrington taking on the roles of Ikaris and Dane Whitman (aka Black Knight).

Many upcoming projects have been forced to suffer through production delays due to the global pandemic that has plagued the world for over a year, making the craving for new movies all that more insatiable. The first trailer for the film left many fans wanting more, and people are more excited than ever about getting back into the theater. Deadline reported that the trailer for Eternals amassed an incredible 77 million online views within its first 24 hours of being released.

As reported by the outlet, this is the largest trailer view count from a Marvel Studios movie within the 14 months of the pandemic.

With the teaser for Eternals surpassing the highly-anticipated Black Widow, it is crystal clear that Marvel fans simply can not wait for November 5 to arrive. As life somewhat gets back to some sense of normalcy, expect theaters to be packed on opening night, and fans to have a bucket of popcorn as they get their first taste of the immortal group of heroes.


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