Meghan Markle ready to step into politics

Meghan Markle ready to step into politics
Meghan Markle ready to step into politics

The youngest daughter-in-law of the British royal family, Prince Harry’s wife, American actress Meghan Markle has now considered entering politics.

As Meghan and Harry left the royal family, there were countless predictions, including one that the couple would pursue a career in politics in the near future, which is now proving to be true.

According to foreign media reports, Meghan Merkel has had a private meeting with the Governor of the US state of California, Gavin Newsom, after which there are speculations that perhaps Meghan Merkel is about to enter American politics.

Leading Democratic strategist Mike Trujillo, meanwhile, has spoken to the media about the future of Meghan Merkel and Prince Harry in politics.

According to Mike Trujillo, Meghan Merkel is trying her best to gain a foothold in American politics.

She says that Meghan Merkel is doing everything she can to get into politics, she knows that once she gets a position in politics then it will not be difficult for her to move forward.


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