Muslim family killed in a ‘premeditated’ truck attack in Canada

Muslim family killed in a 'premeditated' truck attack in Canada
Muslim family killed in a 'premeditated' truck attack in Canada

In a “premeditated” vehicle attack on Sunday, Canadian police say that four members were killed by a Muslim family.

The attack occurred in London, the province of Ontario. A child of nine years old, the only survivor of the family, is in a severe-injury hospital.

Four counts of murder and one count of tentative murder have been charged against a 20 years old Canadian.

In a mosque in Quebec City, six persons were killed in 2017 and the attack was the worst on Canadian Muslims.

The Det Supt Paul Waight said on Monday at the News Conference “It is believed that those victims have been targeted because they were Muslim.”

The police weigh possible charges of terrorism, he said, adding that it is thought to be a hate crime.

What’s the information?

Two women – aged 74 and 44 – were victims, a man of 46 and a girl of 15. They were not named according to the family’s wishes. A nine-year-old boy had serious but life-threatening wounds in the hospital said the police. The police said.

Nathanial Veltman, 20, from London, Ontario, was called the alleged assaulter by police. He has arrested at a shopping mall about 6 km from the crime scene. He was incidentally arrested.

It is not known yet whether the suspect has any connection with hate groups, Det Supt Waight said.




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