New Zealand PM apologizes for the Christchurch tragedy

New Zealand PM apologizes for the Christchurch tragedy.
New Zealand PM apologizes for the Christchurch tragedy.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has apologized for failing in intelligence to attack mosques. According to the International News Agency, the Royal Commission has released an investigation report into the martyrdom of 51 worshipers as a result of the terrorist attack on two New Zealand mosques in March 2019.

An 800-page investigative report released by the Royal Commission of Inquiry states that before the Christchurch tragedy, security forces focused on preventing terrorism but working for a white supremacist movement. Those were exempted. The attacker learned many things with the help of YouTube.

According to the report, in the days when security agencies were taking steps to curb terrorism, a man martyred 51 worshipers while chanting the slogan of white supremacy.

The report acknowledges the shortcomings of intelligence and confirms that the terrorist was infected with YouTube, while also pointing out flaws in the weapons issuance system. The report also acknowledges that the intelligence agencies paid close attention to Islamic extremism but did not pay attention to right-wing extremism, which led to no advance notice of the attack. New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has apologized for the intelligence failure.

A report released by the Commission of Inquiry states that Brenton Tarrant, an Australian citizen involved in the incident, was not given any security reasons when he was given a firearms license and was allowed to possess sophisticated weapons.

In New Zealand, buying weapons requires the bail of two locals, for which the terrorist Brenton Trent used a video game playmate and his father. The report called for the establishment of an undercover security agency to monitor hate speech based on religion, language, ethnicity, and color, as well as for the police to identify and respond effectively to hate crimes. Has also suggested training.

The recommendations also state that in addition to the establishment of a Ministry of Ethnic Communities by the government, a graduate program for these communities will also be introduced. In a statement issued after the report was released, Prime Minister Ordner said that despite some flaws in the inquiry report, it was not possible to stop the attack. But there are still failures that I apologize for.

It may be recalled that the attacker Tarrant was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole in August. It was the first conviction of its kind in New Zealand.
Jacinda Ardner’s response to the Christchurch tragedy was lauded around the world, as the government made changes to gun laws, including the sale of automatic weapons. The prime minister also launched a movement to curb online extremism.


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