Now equip sanitizer spray on your wrist

Now equip sanitizer spray on your wrist

The importance of sanitizers has increased this year due to the Covid-19 epidemic. But it’s not easy to carry a bottle of sanitizer everywhere. The solution is now in the form of a spray care band, which is a clock-like device that cleans the hands of germs and viruses by releasing a spray when the button is pressed. Just as the spider throws the net with its hands, so does the sanitizer spray from the wrist. With just one touch, the wrist-mounted dispenser blows the sanitizer and disinfects your hands and sides.

At the push of a button, the device releases such a large amount of disinfectant liquid that it spreads to a distance of 5 inches long and two and a half inches, making the area virus and germ-free. But the most important thing is that the spray emits a very fine spray. Sanitizers usually emit very large and thick drops, but not in spray care bands. It is a kind of atomizer that emits very fine drops and spreads everywhere. This eliminates the need to rub large drops of liquid on the hands.

As soon as you press a button, the spray releases the liquid for three seconds, and once you fill the watch with a sanitizer, you can clean your hands 40 times. The same device can also be filled with various oils, perfumes, and mosquito repellents.


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