Nuclear plant accident during uranium enrichment in Iran

Nuclear plant accident during uranium enrichment in Iran
Nuclear plant accident during uranium enrichment in Iran

Tehran: An accident occurred during uranium enrichment at Iran’s nuclear facility, which was also confirmed by Iranian officials, but the details of the incident were not disclosed.

According to the International News Agency, Iran had just yesterday inaugurated 164 IR-6 centrifuges at the nuclear facility and started the process of new uranium enrichment IR-9. Damage information is being kept confidential.

Atomic Energy Department spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi has been quoted on Iranian state television as saying in a statement that he had provided “very little information” about the accident at the Natanz nuclear facility.

Spokesman Behrooz Kamalvandi said in a statement that no nuclear facility personnel was injured in the accident and no damage was done to the plant. The spokesman also ruled out the possibility of uranium being released into the atmosphere due to the accident.

Foreign media is not being given access to the accident at the nuclear facility and no senior official is available to provide information, which is causing a lot of speculation in the world media.

In Vienna, talks are underway between the United States and Iran in the presence of other parties to the global nuclear deal through the European Union, including a return to the agreement and the lifting of sanctions on Iran.

It should be noted that in July last year, there was an explosion at the Natanz nuclear facility for which Iran had blamed Israel. The United States has always been a vocal critic of Iran’s nuclear program.


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