Numerous orders have been issued to end Trump’s controversial policies

Numerous orders have been issued to end Trump's controversial policies
Numerous orders have been issued to end Trump's controversial policies

US President Joe Biden has signed a number of presidential decrees since taking office as the 46th president of the United States at the age of 78.

White House Press Secretary Jane Sackie said in a media briefing that she “deeply appreciates the freedom of the press. Our goal is to keep Americans informed of the truth.”

According to Jane Sackie, President Biden has issued the first order to deal with the coronavirus. While several orders have been issued to end the Trump administration’s controversial policies. White House press secretary said, “The president has called for diplomacy to address Iran’s nuclear program and other concerns because we want Iran to rejoin the nuclear deal”.

US media say President Biden signed 17 executive orders on the first day, most of them to end Trump’s controversial policies. New US President Biden has signed a bill mandating masks on all federal property, including the restoration of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Biden signed the Trump administration’s restoration of previous US policies and signed an executive order withdrawing the Trump administration’s controversial actions. The US President has signed a bill to lift the ban on immigration to the United States for citizens of some Muslim countries.

On the other hand, the news agency has claimed that after the approval of the Senate, Aurel Haynes will be appointed the director of national intelligence.


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