Pakistan cannot dictate Taliban: Taliban Spokesperson

Afghanistan to become ‘pariah state’ if Taliban seizes power: US
TAfghanistan to become ‘pariah state’ if Taliban seizes power: US

The spokesperson for the Tehreek-e-Taliban Afghanistan Suhail Shaheen has said that Pakistan is welcome to help the Taliban arrive at a negotiated settlement in Afghanistan but it “cannot dictate to us or impose its views on us”.

Shaheen’s remarks came during an interview with Geo News on programme “Jirga” late Sunday night.

When asked how he views the Afghan Taliban’s relations with Pakistan to be, especially in the context of reports that the Taliban are not willing to listen to Pakistan, the spokesperson said: “We want brotherly relations. They are neighbours, a muslim country, and we have shared values — historical, religious and cultural.”

“They can help us in the peace process but can’t dictate to us or impose their views. And this is against international principles,” he added.

Speaking of the Taliban’s demand for an Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Shaheen said that having an emirate is “a legitimate right of the people of Afghanistan”.

“We say nothing about other governments. They should not impose their view,” he said, reiterating: “This is not in accordance with international principles either.”


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