PM Imran launches Pakistan’s first Green Eurobond to finance Diamer and Mohmand Dams

‘Disunity’ among PTI leaders ‘angers’ PM Imran Khan
‘Disunity’ among PTI leaders ‘angers’ PM Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday launched the country’s first-ever Eurobond.

The premier was the chief guest at the Eurobond launching ceremony, where he congratulated the chairperson of the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) and the authority as well.

The Green Euro, called Indus Bond, has been issued by WAPDA to raise 500 million dollars for the financing of Diamer Bhasha and Mohmand dams. PM Khan lamented that Pakistan has a history of starting projects but not finishing them. He said, “We cannot progress until we complete long-term projects,”. Saying the country had been regressing since 1985, PM Khan noted that Pakistan lacked long-term projects in every sector. “Due to the absence of long-term projects, Pakistan was not able to progress,” he added.

He said 10 new dams were being built across Pakistan in 10 years, adding that these will help produce environment-friendly electricity. He said “Pakistan will get 10,000MW of clean energy from these dams, “Speaking about the Billion Tree Tsunami program, the premier said his government had planted 5bn trees in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

“By 2023, we will plant 10bn trees across Pakistan,” PM Imran Khan said the government started to plant trees across cities as well. He also spoke about the government’s efforts towards a clean environment, saying that Pakistan was working on long-term policies. PM Khan said Pakistan was working to irrigate barren lands with floodwater and that the country was building 15 new national parks.

He touched upon the country’s health sector, adding that in Pakistan, doctors, nurses, and the paramedical staff were quite a few in number compared to the overall population. PM Khan praised the government’s initiative to introduce health cards, adding that the country was working to establish a new “health system” in the country. People in rural areas will be able to afford healthcare.

He added, “Private hospitals across the country will increase due to the health system,”. PM Khan said the government was working towards generating wealth in Pakistan, adding that the River Ravi in Lahore and projects in Karachi were reflective of that.


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