Presidential election: Riots and civil war threat in the United States

Presidential election: Riots and civil war threat in the United States
Presidential election: Riots and civil war threat in the United States

WASHINGTON – Tensions are running high in the United States over the delay in completing the vote count during the upcoming presidential election.

According to news agencies, supporters of Donald Trump and Joe Biden have started demonstrations in different county. Including Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Seattle, and Washington DC.

Trump supporters call for an immediate halt to the vote count because it is “rigged,”. While Biden’s supporters demand that the vote not be stopped.

The current presidential candidate Joe Biden has a significant lead with 264 electoral votes. While he needs only 6 votes to win the presidential election. His opponent and current U.S. President Donald Trump has so far won 214 electoral votes.

Trump claimed victory in the election, saying his opponents were trying to “steal the election.” On the other hand, Biden expressed optimism that he would announce his victory only after the final results were announced.

Trump has turned to the court for refusing to accept the election result. In press conferences, he has sent messages to his supporters on Twitter inciting violence. After that raising the risk of tensions across the United States.

Political observers

It should be noted that political observers in the United States have already warned that the counting of votes may be delayed. Which will increase the risk of violence.

The Phoenix County Sheriff’s Office says 75 Trump supporters tried to enter the local election counting centre Wednesday night but were thwarted. Some of them were armed with placards in support of Trump and chanting “Stop theft.”

Trump supporters have formed some groups on social media, especially Facebook. Where they invite people to protest and demonstrate. They include white racist groups.

In Portland, Oregon, 300 anti-Trump protesters marched, 11 of whom were detained. U.S. political observers have warned that if the election results turn against Donald Trump. There is a risk of upheaval and even civil war, as Trump’s supporters number more than 70 million, most of whom are hardliners. ۔



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