Trudeau says ‘freedom of expression has limits’ after French terror attacks.

Trudeau says 'freedom of expression has limits' after French terror attacks.
Trudeau says 'freedom of expression has limits' after French terror attacks.

Ottawa: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said in response to a question about the promotion of blasphemous cartoons in France that freedom of expression must be within limits.

“We defend the right to freedom of expression, but it has its limitations, and it should not be used to harm anyone,”

Furthermore, he said. We must respect others and not allow our freedom to be added to our society for no reason and to harm any inhabitant of this planet deliberately.

Prime Minister Trudeau said there are limits to freedom, such as the ability to protect others inside a cinema that could harm someone.

While The Prime Minister of Canada dissociated himself from the French President’s statements and called for responsible use of freedom of expression.

“In a diverse society like Canada, we need to be aware of the implications of our words, and pay special attention to the already discriminated and discriminated classes. Meanwhile, ” he said. He also condemned the attack in Nice, France.

It should be noted that after the publication of blasphemous sketches in France and the endorsement of this ugly act by President Macron. There are intense anger and resentment against France among Muslims all over the world.


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