Ramiz urges to improve cricket economy

Ramiz urges to improve cricket economy
Ramiz urges to improve cricket economy

A visibly angry Ramiz Raja emphasised that the PCB’s interest is non-stop cricket in Pakistan.
“If the cricket fraternity does not take care of each other then there’s no point to it. New Zealand, then England, now we have a West Indies series that can also be hit, and Australia are already reconsidering options. All of them – England, Australia, New Zealand – are one single bloc. Who can we complain to? We thought they were our own but they haven’t accepted us as theirs as they look for excuses, including security and mental fatigue, to wriggle out of Pakistan.”
“These teams would not have declined to play Pakistan, if we had a big cricket economy or we had a very strong team,” Ramiz Raja said.
“So, the lesson is that we need to improve and expand our cricket economy so that these countries remain interested in playing us,” he said.
“That is in our interests as well so that our players are paid better and we are respected more. They come to the PSL where they don’t get spooked or fatigued but collectively they have a different mindset altogether toward Pakistan.”


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