Sad News for Single’s Sindh Government going to Reject Marriage Bill

Sad News for Single's Sindh Government going to Reject Marriage Bill
Sad News for Single's Sindh Government going to Reject Marriage Bill

The viral going drafted bill at Sindh Assembly featured the idea that everyone should be married by 18. While people did make memes on it, others seriously criticized it. After seeing the backlash, the provincial government spokesperson announced that the bill was the work of an individual and not the Sindh Assembly.

One of the MPA had introduced the bill but the majority party in the Sindh Assembly has shied away from it which will most likely lead to rejection.

It seems that a new law has just been drafted for the Sindh Assembly. And it may just be the most unusual type of law that we have come across. It refers to the marriage of 18-year-olds.

Yes, this new bill states that if a person is not married by the age of 18, the parents will be fined! A lot of people have been raging over this and continue to do so. It seems that the news has attracted quite a lot of attention recently.

There has been quite a lot of outrage on this news. And, the outrage seems justified because there are a lot of factors that go into marriage. When two people get married, they become responsible for each other. But is it a responsibility that 18-year-olds who are still treated as kids able to carry?

What can be more dreadful to think is that the motion can actually go forward. What if it gets approved? Every 18 year old will Have To Be married or there will be consequences. The internet has gone absolutely mad at the fact that this law was even drafted. They are protesting the fact that the maximum age for marriage cannot be 18. A lot of people are even saying that the Sindh Assembly will not move forward with this. The draft has been called impractical and illogical.

One of the prime things that can be considered wrong about this is the age itself. Teenagers are not the most responsible or mature at 18 and the government expects them to get married? Marriage is a heavy responsibility for both parties and not something that should be taken lightly.

We hope that this bill does not make it to the ‘Approved Law’ stage. There are quite a lot of areas that can be focused upon rather than this. After all, education is a prime concern among the youth of Pakistan. That and jobs too. The job market needs to be focused on as well as allowing students to have start-ups. Marriage does not mean that the person has become a responsible adult because 18 is a young age!


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