Saudi Arabia announces resumption of International flights from 31st March

Saudi Arabia announces resumption of International flights from 31st March
Saudi Arabia announces resumption of International flights from 31st March

It has also decided to reopen domestic and International air services as well as reopen land and sea lanes.

According to an official source in the Saudi Ministry of Interior, it has been decided to fully resume domestic and international air services from 31st March, as well as to open land and sea routes. From 31st March 2021, citizens and residents will be able to travel abroad. Permission will be granted and the influx of passengers from outside will also be fully restored.

According to the details, the sources said that a statement issued by the state on 1st December 2020 said that the full restoration of air service in the country and abroad would be announced later in view of the situation. In some countries and regions of the world, a new form of the covid-19 was banned for two weeks after it was introduced, which has now been lifted.
With the introduction of the Covid vaccine in large quantities in the country and its distribution to the citizens, it is expected that in the next two months, the conditions for travel at home and abroad will be favorable. Citizens will be allowed to travel outside the country and come to the country from abroad. Flights will be resumed all over the world. Air and sea lanes will also be opened for travel and transportation.

Implementation of the above by the relevant committee. In accordance with the procedure and precautionary measures laid down by the relevant committee, all precautionary measures will be taken in coordination with the concerned authorities to prevent the spread of Covid in the country. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia announced on the occasion of the Gulf.

Cooperation Council summit to be held on January 5 in the airspace of Al-Ala. Saudi Arabia announced to open its borders to Qatar. The Saudi government has removed many conditions for Qatari nationals to enter the country However, in view of the Covid epidemic, Qatari citizens must comply with certain conditions.

In this regard, Qataris will have to submit a fresh report of their Covid 19 test before entering Saudi Arabia, which will prove that they are safe from the epidemic, as well as before entering Saudi Arabia. “Tests and quarantine at home for three or seven days. The PCR test involves analyzing the molecular biology of a human respiratory sample to determine if a respiratory virus is present in the respiratory tract. Teams are provided. After checking the arrivals before entering Saudi Arabia, the passengers are promised to quarantine their place of residence for a fixed period of time so that medical staff and others can be protected from the effects of the epidemic. The decision to open the border between Arab and Qatari was taken on 5th January at the 41st Gulf Cooperation Council summit.


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