SC granted MNA Ali Wazir bail

SC granted MNA Ali Wazir bail
SC granted MNA Ali Wazir bail

Supreme Court of Pakistan (SC) on Tuesday granted the MNA Ali Wazir bail after 11 months; stated that if other accused in the case were freed then there is no reason to keep Ali Wazir behind bars.
The Waziristan lawmaker was arrested on December 16, 2020.
Ali Wazir was arrested from Peshawar at the request of Sindh Police charged for statements against state institutions on December 06, 2020, during Pashtun Tahafooz Movement (PTM) rally in Karachi.
The FIR against the MNA was registered at a Karachi police station.
Wazir had filed an appeal against the Sindh High Court’s (SHC) verdict which had dismissed his bail plea. The lawmaker had claimed that he is innocent and not guilty of the offenses mentioned in the FIR.


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