Shehbaz opposes slogans against institutions

Shehbaz opposes slogans against institutions
Shehbaz opposes slogans against institutions

Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) President and Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly Shehbaz Sharif on Sunday opposed slogans against the state institutions. In a tweet, he said that such an attitude is harmful to the country.

He expressed these views in response to a slogan raised during PMLN rally in Faisalabad by a party worker. Earlier in statement, he accused the government of endangering national security through economic catastrophe and inflation.

In his statement issued here on Sunday, he said the nation would have to choose between the economy of Pakistan and the present government. “Every single minute of the government is costing Pakistan billions of dollars. The government has increased food prices in the name of controlling inflation, which is condemnable,” he said adding the government has no feelings for the masses and it has forgotten all its promises.

The opposition leader said that once again his statement proved to be true that the government was deceiving both the people and IMF and was telling lies. “If the conditions are agreed upon with the IMF and the negotiations are moving forward, then why the prices are being increased?” he questioned.

Shehbaz questioned that why the government was hiding the IMF conditions from the people and parliament. He repeated that if the conditions had been met, then why inflation had increased.

He said continuous rise in inflation and the IMF conditions regarding the bank accounts of national institutions were a wake-up call. He said every day prices of tea, sugar, flour, eggs, milk, curd, ghee, rice, vegetables and medicines were increasing and the government was claiming that Pakistan’s economy was improving and good days had started. He termed the presence of government a serious threat to the national security.

Shehbaz Sharif said that the failure of the government in every field had become a poison for the existence and interests of Pakistan. “The departure of finance adviser before the talks with the IMF and ministers enjoying leaves despite serious issues, including law and order and terrorism indicated that the government is not serious,” he added. He said the government should be sent packing and a serious, capable and honest team should be there to get the country out of the quagmire of problems.

“It has been proved that the government cannot solve problems of the country and the nation and the more time they spend in power will bring more problems for the country and the nation,” Shehbaz claimed. The country and the nation were facing inflation, economic catastrophe and unemployment, Shehbaz said and asked the nation to come out of their homes to take decisive step against the incompetent government.


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