runs smear campaign against me, says Jameel Farooqui

607 runs smear campaign against me, says Jameel Farooqui runs smear campaign against me, says Jameel Farooqui

Renowned anchorperson of Pakistan Jameel Farooqui has said that digital media website ran a smear campaign against him.

It must be noted that Bol Television anchorperson Jamil Farooqui has been associated with various TV channels for fifteen years – his show and clips have been discussed circulated worldwide.

The whole world knows that Jameel Farooqui as a Muslim and Pakistani can never tolerate anything against the Islamic ideological basis and his motherland.

As per the claims of Jameel Farooqui, for the last two years, PTI’s Sikandar Fayyaz additional Gen secretary of Punjab has been posting various insulative content against him.

Jameel Farooqi said that he never ever bothered himself to respond to him; saying that he never met or talked to a self-styled PTI official named Sikandar Fayyaz, nor did he had any personal rift with him.

He claimed that whenever he ( Jameel Farooqi) spoke against the Women’s March, so this person Fayyaz started sharing videos and tweeting with words below the belt words.

Jameel maintained that even a senior party official advised him to stop what he was doing, but he did not stop and carried on.

It must be mentioned here that 24 hours earlier, Sikandar Fayyaz once again retweeted the video of Jamil Farooqi again and made a very nasty comment which forced Jameel Farooqi to call him.

Jamil Farooqi gave several replies to Adeel Habib, owner of Siasat. pk But he not only posted a one-sided story on his Agenda website but also gave the Twitter handle of the respected anchor to PTI official in order to discredit the respected anchor and use vulgar language against the respected anchor.


On the other side, PTI official on social media is outraged over the words conflict They start using below the belt words against me, Jamil Farooqi said.

While Jamil Farooqi told that I sent my message to PM and talk to
other PTI top leadership for suspending his regular party membership and he further told that he will take to the court.


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