Speaker Asad Qaiser was not allowed to land at Kabul Airport

Speaker Asad Qaiser was not allowed to land at Kabul Airport
Speaker Asad Qaiser was not allowed to land at Kabul Airport

The visit of the parliamentary delegation led by the Speaker of the National Assembly Asad Qaiser to Afghanistan is postponed due to the non-availability of permission to land the plane at Kabul Airport. The highways of Kabul were decorated with Pakistani and Afghan flags for the visit of the Pakistani parliamentary delegation and pictures and banners of the parliamentarians of both countries were also hung on the streets. The three-day visit of the parliamentary delegation to Kabul has been abruptly postponed. The Chief Parliamentary Secretariat while confirming the cancellation of the visit said that the visit of Asad Qaiser to Kabul has been canceled due to security reasons.

Special Representative for Afghanistan Mohammad Sadiq also confirmed the cancellation of the visit. He said that before the plane landed at Kabul Airport, the control tower informed about the airport closure. It will be repeated. Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser left for Afghanistan for a three-day visit accompanied by a parliamentary delegation, which also included Special Representative for Afghanistan Muhammad Sadiq Khan and Member of Parliament Ghulam Mustafa Shah. The delegation also included Sajid Khan, Rana Tanveer, Gul Dad Khan, Sheikh Yaqub, and Shandana Gulzar.

The Pakistani parliamentary delegation was scheduled to visit Afghanistan from April 8 to 11 to meet with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, Foreign Minister, and Speaker of the Afghan Parliament. The purpose of the parliamentary delegation’s visit was to restore trust between Pakistan and Afghanistan. In order to increase trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan and create economic opportunities for the people living along the Pak-Afghan border, the delegation also discussed issues related to barriers to exports to Central Asian countries via Pakistan and Afghanistan. Also had to discuss.


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