Taleemabad wins WISE award

Taleemabad wins WISE award
Taleemabad wins WISE award

Taleemabad, an education technology company educating millions of children through learning application has won the WISE award for its services.

The WISE awards are awarded by the Royal family of Qatar and are one of the most prestigious awards in the world of social welfare and education.

The Taleemabad is upgrading low-cost schools by providing students with teacher training facilities, curriculum, lesson plans, and even marketing facilities. So far there they have been able to establish 20 Taleemabad schools and aim to target over 40 by 2022.

It must be noted that till today, only three companies from Pakistan have won this award, with Taleemabad being the only one this year.

In the past few years, the Taleemabad has reached to millions of children through the learning app and schools.

Meanwhile, the Taleemabad team believes that this was a big victory, not just for us, but Pakistan and thus they wanted to share with the people of Pakistan.


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