The federal government decides to celebrate Ishq-e-Rasool week across the country

Five schools in Karachi closed overdue to the confirmation of Corona cases. Five schools were closed in Malir area of ​​Shar-e-Quaid due to corona cases. Hundreds of samples taken from students, teachers and other staff at schools in Malir district confirmed the coronavirus cases and shut them down, The victims include a large number of government schools, where there has been a gradual increase in corona cases. In this regard, the District Education Officer has informed that after the disinfectant spraying in the schools, they will be reopened for the educational process from November 1. On the other hand, due to the increasing number of cases of corona in Pakistan, health experts have advised parents not to send their primary school children to school. The number of children up to the age of ten is eleven thousand, and the number of children and youth between the ages of 11 and 20 is Twenty four Thousand. The second wave of coronavirus is feared. He said that in the current situation, it would be better not to send primary school children to school but to educate them at home, as children themselves are less affected by corona. Still, the virus causes parents and other people to get infected. The incidence of coronavirus in children is very different from that in adults. The incidence of coronavirus in children ranges from the common cold to the symptoms of stomach upset and vomiting.

A meeting of the federal cabinet was held yesterday in which the cabinet has decided to celebrate Ishq-e-Rasool on Saturday. Sirat-un-Nabi and Naat-e-Rasool-e-Maqbool programs will be organized across the country from 12th to 19th of Rabi-ul-Awal.

In the meeting, the Prime Minister decided to write a letter to the heads of Muslim countries. The Prime Minister urged the United Nations to send a message of devotion and love to the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that blasphemy to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in the name of freedom of expression would not be tolerated.

A few days ago, the Prime Minister of Pakistan condemned the publication of blasphemous sketches, saying that encouraging sketches is tantamount to targeting Islam. At the same time, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had advised the French President on mental treatment due to Islamophobia.

Earlier, the cursed man was killed after a teacher in France showed students sketches about the Prophet of Islam.

Furthermore, several Arab trade associations have boycotted French products in protest of French President Emmanuel Macron’s recent comments on Islam. At the same time, the All Pakistan Traders Association has also decided to boycott in Pakistan.


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