The incident of a girl’s death during an abortion matter became more suspicious

The incident of a girl's death during an abortion matter became more suspicious
The incident of a girl's death during an abortion matter became more suspicious

Another girl lost her life during an alleged illegal abortion in Lahore, Punjab. According to details, Rabia Masih, a resident of the Yohanabad area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLahore, died during an alleged illegal abortion. The young neighbor kept pretending to have an accident after the death.

Police have registered a case of murder and arrested the accused, Ijaz Masih. When the family members started burying the girl, some suspicious marks were found on her body. Police started the investigation and sent the body for postmortem, which revealed that the girl died during the abortion. Samples of the girl’s body parts have been sent to the forensic laboratory.
The crime scene unit and other investigative teams have obtained fingerprints from the body. Media reports yesterday said that the girl had gone to the hospital with her fiance. She died during an abortion, The case was registered against the accused Ijaz on his father’s complaint.

According to the report of the case, the girl had gone to take medicine with a young man named Ijaz, but after some time, the family received a call that her daughter’s condition had deteriorated and she had died. According to police, the accused Ijaz has been arrested, and an investigation has been started. A few days ago, a similar incident occurred in Lahore, where a young man escaped after leaving a girl dead in a private teaching hospital. Investigations revealed that the girl was pregnant. An accused was arrested in this case. The accused was identified from CCTV footage.


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