The new strain of Covid-19 discovered in the UK reached Singapore after Hong Kong

The new strain of Covid-19 discovered in the UK reached Singapore after Hong Kong
The new strain of Covid-19 discovered in the UK reached Singapore after Hong Kong

The new strain of covid, discovered in the European country of the UK on December 14 this month, has reached Singapore after the Asian country of Hong Kong. Two new strains of the new covid, discovered in the UK on 23 December in Hong Kong, Came from the UK.

The Covid, which was discovered in the UK, had reached the West Asian country of Australia before Hong Kong. Australian officials confirmed on December 21 that two people traveling from the UK had been diagnosed with the new covid-19. Just a week later, it reached Asia from Europe and now the new virus has reached the Southeast Asian country of Singapore.

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, Singapore authorities confirmed the diagnosis of a new covid in one person on December 24 and said that 11 more people had been quarantined on suspicion of contracting the new corona. Covid was diagnosed, he had arrived in the country from the UK, while 11 other people had also arrived in Singapore from the UK.

Officials in Singapore say that although a person traveling from the UK has been diagnosed with the new corona, there is no evidence that the virus has spread in the country. All arriving passengers are being quarantined and tested. According to the Singapore government, covid was diagnosed in 31 people from Europe between November and December 17, and new types of covid were seen in the UK before Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The newly discovered covid had spread to a few European countries.

European Union (EU) officials have confirmed that new covid have been diagnosed in Iceland, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Italy. The report states that German authorities also believe that the new covid virus discovered in the UK It may have already arrived in the country, but no new virus has been diagnosed there yet. There are also reports that a new virus discovered in the UK has reached Africa and a virus similar to the new virus has been found in South Africa. It is believed that the new virus discovered in the UK will be VUI 202012/01 or Named Lineage B117, the first case of the virus was confirmed on 14 December.

However, the government said samples of the new virus were initially found on September 20. There are 14 mutations in this new strain of covid, 7 of which are in the spike protein. This is the same protein that allows the virus to enter human cells. Helps and so many changes are significantly more prominent than other types of this virus circulating the world, according to experts and the results so far show that this new strain is more dominant than other strains, and is causing an increase in cases.


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