The West is playing a bloody game, Russian President

The West is playing a bloody game, Russian President
The West is playing a bloody game, Russian President

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that recent global events have become a crisis. The global crisis affects everyone.

Addressing the event in Moscow, Russian President Putin further said that the West is playing a dangerous and bloody game. Sooner or later the West will have to discuss the future we all share. Climate agenda pushed back, climate problems persist.

President Putin said that the West continues to try to stop the development of other civilizations and wants global domination and control over global resources. In its hostility to Asia, the West has thrown all principles aside. The West still treats other people as second-class.

He said that no one can teach us how to build our society. Our traditions and values ​​should be respected.

The Russian President said that the West has no right to lead everyone on its way, now its sovereignty is weakened and credibility is being lost.

He said that the importance of negotiations between Russia and the West will increase in the New World Order. Russia’s attempt at friendly relations with the West and NATO received a negative response. They are ready to negotiate again with the US for strategic stability.

President Putin said that Ukraine has the technology to make dirty bombs. Russia has no need to use dirty bombs. Russia will use nuclear weapons only under defensive necessity.He said that the danger of using nuclear weapons has existed since the time these weapons were made. Russia has never talked about using nuclear weapons. The West is accusing Russia of using nuclear weapons.


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