Why DIG Muzaffarabad- A role model for Youth

Why DIG Muzaffarabad- A role model for Youth
Why DIG Muzaffarabad- A role model for Youth

When Mr. Shehryar Sikander was transferred and posted as Deputy inspector general AJK Police, Muzaffarabad region, the same day the doors of the DIG office began to open for Youth of Muzaffarabad AJK without any prior appointment or any reference. DIG Muzaffarabad Mr. Sikander was often seen on roads sides with constables of Police during Lockdown in the first and second wave of Covid 19. Last week, He was seen on the main Muzaffarabad city road at “Burhan Wani Chowk” near Saheli Sarkar standing with traffic constables for clearance of road as the road was blocked for hours due to overloaded traffic in the city. when I approached him being representative of the Youth Parliament of Pakistan (Head for Kashmir Affairs) and met him earlier on many occasions but never saw a humble and simply designated officer before him. Officers like, Shehryar Sikander is proud of the AJK Police Department and pride of the state of Azad Jammu and Kashmir as well.
Another citizen, President Civil Society Muzaffarabad Mr. Bilal Sheikh told his experience about an incident – Sheikh told that He sent a message to DIG Shehryar on Whattsapp about a robbery in Madina Market – Within 3 days, culprits were behind the bars and robbed money and things were brought back to the family.
The first season of the Kashmir Premier League was held in Muzaffarabad from August 7-17, 2021 – AJK Police under the supervision of Sikander did best when it comes to the security of players, managing smooth entry of crowd in walk-through gates.
To conclude, That’s why there’s always advocacy of Educated and young people in institutions, DIG Shehryar completed his education in the UK and now He is here to serve his own people. May Allah SWT always stay Blessed upon officers like him.


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