Zahir Jaffar booked in another case of breaching court decorum

Zahir Jaffar booked in another case of breaching court decorum
Zahir Jaffar booked in another case of breaching court decorum

Another case has been registered against Zahir Jaffer, the accused in Noor Mukadam’s murder, for allegedly assaulting cops and using foul language in court.

Zahir was kicked out of the courtroom during a hearing last day after he repeatedly misbehaved and used foul language.

The First Information Report (FIR) registered on behalf of Margala Police Station SHO Inspector Ghulam Mustafa Kiyani stated that Zahir breached the court’s decorum by using foul language in the courtroom.

Zahir grabbed a police officer’s collar when the police tried to escort him out of the courtroom over the court’s order issued on his conduct, read the FIR.

It further stated that the suspect attempted to commit suicide and injured himself by hitting his head in order to getaway.

Zahir Jaffer kicked out of courtroom for using foul language

During the hearing, forensic sketch artist Amir Shahzad appeared before a district and sessions court in Islamabad and recorded his statement in the case.

He told the court that he accurately drew the crime scene map of Noor Mukadam’s murder. Additional sessions Judge Atta Rabbani heard the case.

Zahir Jaffer, the key accused in the murder case, again tried to disrupt the hearing and started calling out “Hamza, Hamza” loudly in the courtroom. “This is my court and I have to say something,” he shouted, without regard for courtroom decorum.


Despite a warning, Zahir continued using inappropriate language in the courtroom. Meanwhile, the court directed the police to remove him, but Zahir grabbed a police inspector by the neck when he tried to comply with the court’s order.

It was reported that even four policemen couldn’t bring Zahir under control. It took more than four cops to transfer him out of the courtroom.

Except for Zahir’s counsel, all others completed the cross-examination of the forensic artist.

Court indicts Zahir Jaffer in Noor Mukadam’s murder case

Earlier, on October 14, the prime suspect in the murder of Noor Mukadam, Zahir Jaffer, had formally been charged for the crime by an Islamabad court.

Besides Jaffer, two of the family’s employees — Jamil and Jan Mohammad — were also indicted, along with the Chief Executive Officer of Therapy Works, Tahir Zahoor.

Additional sessions judge Atta Rabbani had indicted a total of twelve individuals in the case, of which six were brought to the court from Rawalpindi’s Adiala Jail. The remaining six were previously granted bail. All those indicted pleaded not guilty to the charges.


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