Zoo bicycle fails to attract masses

Zoo bicycle fails to attract masses
Zoo bicycle fails to attract masses

“Zoo Bicycle” the side project of the BRT-Peshawar launched in March 2021 failed to attract the people of Peshawar due to its high registration fee.
The first-ever project of its own kind in Pakistan having a total of 360 standard bicycles has failed to attract the citizens of Peshawar due to the high price of its registration.
It must be noted that a total of 32 docking stations have been set up for the bicycle sharing system across the route.
Zoo Bicycle membership can be activated from the nearest BRT station through the existing Zoo Card or Zoo Mobile application. Zoo cycle refundable membership fee for Pakistanis is Rs 3,000 while refundable for foreigners is Rs 5,000.
Zoo Bicycle registration requires a zoo card or zoo mobile application, an original ID card with verification, and biometric verification. Acceptance of the rules and regulations laid down for zoo bicycle membership is also a prerequisite. Having a zoo bicycle for more than 72 hours would be considered bicycle theft.
After 72 hours, legal action will be taken against the registered user who does not return the bicycle. The launch of the Zoo Bicycle will be a positive and environmentally friendly initiative in the city to reduce traffic congestion, especially for students with easy travel access and healthy activities.
While talking about the failure of the project, Faizan Ali a student of Peshawar said that none of the students availed of this facility due to the higher registration fees.
He stated that the government should reduce the fees for the registration otherwise, this project will never generate any reasonable revenue in the future.
On the other hand, a senior official of Zoo bicycle said that the project was doing well and many people across the city had gotten their registration to avail the facility.
The official further said that the people of Peshawar should use these bicycles as it was a good opportunity to maintain their health and use a reasonable facility at the doorstep.


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