268 cops to guard Murree roads

268 cops to guard Murree roads
268 cops to guard Murree roads

Around 268 traffic and district policemen will be deployed on the roads of Murree after the recent tragedy at the hill station when at least 23 people died while being stranded in their vehicles during a blizzard.

According to a traffic plan issued by the Rawalpindi city traffic police on Sunday, 8,000 tourist vehicles will be able to enter Murree and Galiyat daily from 5am to 5pm.

Special check posts have been set up at Murree Toll Plaza and other points of entry. Only licensed drivers will be allowed to take vehicles to the hill station.

City traffic police wardens will be deployed with snow removal and assistance vehicles.

On the orders of the district administration, the parking capacity of vehicles is about 3,500 vehicles in Murree.

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A ban has been placed on the entry of tourists in Murree from 5pm to 5am. For freight vehicles, time has been allotted from night to morning.

“Special check posts have been set up at toll plazas and entrances of Murree where besides checking, awareness pamphlets are also being distributed,” said Rawalpindi Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Taimur Khan.

“Only licensed drivers are eligible to drive to Murree,” he added.


The official elaborated that tourists could also turn to the radio station 88.6 and official social media pages of the traffic police for information on weather conditions and rush hour.

The CTO said extra vehicles were parked on a single side for the convenience of tourists but in case of snowfall, tourists should avoid parking and taking selfies on both sides of the road.

The official also advised tourists to keep warm clothes and food items for themselves and not completely close the windows of their vehicles when using the heater.

Khan also appealed to tourists to cooperate with the traffic police and other agencies by following the travel instructions to make their journey safer and more comfortable.

“Give quick access to the snow removing vehicles so that the road could be cleared,” he added.

The official also held a meeting of officers and traffic police personnel stationed in Murree and gave strict instructions that in case of any snowfall and blizzard, all staff members should have emergency numbers of all departments.

The duty officer should keep the numbers of all the departments in his office and in case of any emergency, he should contact the department concerned in time and clear the road for tourists. The traffic police lifters have been instructed to remain on patrol and do not allow parking in any case.

The control room set up for the convenience of tourists should be provided a mobile phone number along with the landline number so that timely assistance could be provided in case of communication breakdown during heavy snowfall.


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