5G internet service expected to be launched in Pakistan by December 2021

5G internet service expected to be launched in Pakistan by December 2021.

The world’s fastest internet service after 4G is now being shifted to ‘Five G’ for which mobile companies have also launched Five-G phones in the market. However, the fastest internet service in Pakistan so far. No significant work has been done.

Federal Minister for Information Technology Aminul Haq said that the government is making rapid efforts to introduce 5G technology and to ensure the provision of 5G service by December 2021.

The federal minister further said that a trial of 5-G service would also be conducted in a hospital in Islamabad in collaboration with telecom company Zong to dress up the staff. Prior to this, work on connecting Islamabad, Karachi, and Gwadar to fiber optics will have to be completed for which all stakeholders will also be consulted.

The Federal Minister for IT added that his ministry has set up a policy committee for bidding for 5G spectrum in the country, which includes representatives of all mobile companies as well as the Frequency Allocation Board. The committee is currently looking for an international consultant to auction the 5G licenses. After hiring a consultant, the bidding for the 5G service will start. Its starting price and other conditions are not final yet.

It should be noted that in January this year, Zong and Mobilink had conducted trials of 5G, during which the speed of the Internet in video call testing was one decimal five gigabytes (GB) per second.


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