A Hindu student enrolled in Islamic studies in India

A Hindu student enrolled in Islamic studies in India
A Hindu student enrolled in Islamic studies in India

A Hindu boy from the Indian city of Alwar is fed up with misconceptions about Islam and has enrolled in MA Islamic Studies.

According to the Indian website The Times of India, Shubham Yadav, a 21-year-old Indian citizen from a Hindu family who has a degree in philosophy, is keen to understand Islam fully. He has chosen Islamic Studies and has also taken admission in an Indian university in this regard.

“There are a lot of misconceptions about Islam. He believes that Islam is the only religion that has been misunderstood the most. Many world leaders have misconceptions about Islam. That’s why he felt he should do his master’s degree in Islamic studies.

Shubham Yadav added that he personally wanted to understand Islam so that he could establish a link between the Muslim and Hindu communities and play a role in the current tension.

According to Shubham Yadav’s parents, “their son Shubham will go to Kashmir to study, for which they have security concerns.”

On the other hand, Shubham says that he will stay in Kashmir for 2 years while studying. He has been to Kashmir before, and the people there are very friendly.

Shubham Yadav said, “I don’t think there should be any misunderstandings in the minds of people belonging to any one religion.”


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