A mysterious disappearance of a 13-year-old child with her teacher

A mysterious disappearance of a 13-year-old child with her teacher

Mysterious Disappearance of a Child

A mysterious disappearance of a 13-year-old sixth-grade student and a female teacher from Lahore was reported a few days ago. In an exclusive interview, the police said that a report was lodged with the police by the parents of the missing school teacher and student 15 days ago. After which the police started searching for both of them. When the search was started, they found out that the two were living in a madrassa in Jaranwala. Where they had told them that their elder brother was ill and would take them away as soon as he recovered.

Furthermore, the female teacher said that she took the student to another city due to domestic problems, which made her very anxious. So she had decided to run away from home alone but still needed support because a single person cannot face many problems. So when I told my student the whole thing, he also agreed to come with me.

On this occasion, the 13-year-old boy said that she was asked by the teacher to accompany her. She took him on the bus.


According to DSP Omar Farooq, they interrogated a teacher’s close friend after the child was reported missing. He told police that she was upset due to domestic disputes.

In the police’s presence, Murad was handed over to his family while the teacher was also sent home on bail. Murad’s mother told the investigating police that the student and the teacher had been out of the house for so many days. Living is a disgrace to both houses. Therefore, the elders of both the houses have decided that the plaintiff will withdraw his case and get them married. Murad will be discharged after completing his education and being employed.


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