Activism: Countering the Autocratic Admin heads on

Activism: Countering the Autocratic Admin heads on
Activism: Countering the Autocratic Admin heads on

In general, a manifesto is a statement of the candidate’s goals, objectives, and proposed policies. It is an important tool for communicating the candidate’s vision to the public and for distinguishing themselves from their opponents.

In this case, Muhammad Tabish’s manifesto appears to focus on issues related to student life, including increasing stipends for teaching and research assistants, promoting inclusivity through minority and technocrat representation in the Student Council, improving access to hostel facilities, addressing parking and transportation issues, and reducing food prices through the mess system.

It is important to note that while these issues may be important to the student body, they may not necessarily be the most pressing or relevant issues facing the broader community or the country as a whole. As a presidential candidate, Muhammad Tabish would need to demonstrate how his proposed policies would benefit all members of the community and address broader national issues.

Ultimately, it is up to the voters to evaluate the merits of each candidate’s manifesto and determine which candidate best represents their interests and values.


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