It is a story of a Murder Case in the capital of AjK in the recent past. Where a Man was murdered by two others in the home of a prostitute girl. As expected, in a Patriarchal society, instead of investigating murderers & reason for murder – More focus was on the prostitute lady, who was held responsible for the murder. But, There were a few questions that needed to be answered – In search of answers to those questions, I personally visited the area where that unfortunate incident happened.
Firstly, The prostitute Lady told that She along with her two sisters are doing this for their bread and butter. According to her ” After the death of our father & my Divorce, not a single family member came forward to support us, either financially or morally. We were without any food for days – Then How someone can ask us now? We did what looked easiest & best to us for our bread and butter. People in our society were always wanted to have us in their beds, then what wrong we did do to make money by doing the same”. She further added ” I have nothing to do with this murder as both of those (one who is murdered & the murderer)were my customers. One of them was drunk & they started fighting at my home due to their own issue – I can be charged for prostitution but not for murder”.
According to the Prostitute lady, She denied to accompany any of both (the murder & the murderer) as both wanted her with them in bed at the same time. She asked both of them to go out of her house – But, they started fighting & which resulted in minor injuries before the murdered person ran out of her house towards the hillside.

According to police, the murderer hasn’t accepted charges of murder – According to him that was unintentional & was the result of the heat of the moment. the murdered person ran out of the house of a prostitute lady & his foot slipped and He fell downside a small hill nearer to her house.

According to Reports, the Murdered person was drunk & was badly injured in the back of the Head & neck.

Police are investigating & expectations are there like always, this case may be down & dusted soon as the family of Murdered guy doesn’t want to pursue the case as per them it is bringing a bad name to their family that their Child was killed while he was in prostitute’s house. But, they want the prostitute lady to be jailed for this murder.

A simple question from my side is: isn’t a prostitute a Human? She doesn’t have rights? She can be held accountable for prostitution but not for murder – what if both (the murderer & the murdered) understood at that moment that “NO Means NO” even for paid prostitutes as well? Being Paid doesn’t means they are slaves or animals.


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