Actor Agha Ali apologized for his comments on pashto language


Actor Agha Ali apologized for his comments on pashto language, a few days ago, a video clip of a program on social media went viral, in which Agha Ali talked about Neelum Munir during a private TV program and told about an incident that while sitting during the shoot, Neelum Munir got a call after which suddenly someone was talking in pashto.

Agha Ali’s host and all the audience are laughing at this but they keep talking Agha Ali sarcastically says that after listening to pashto, when you look around you, the actress who makes you feel positive is talking in pashto.

After the video went viral, Agha Ali was criticized by some users on which the actor apologized in his tweet. Agha ali tweeted, “Firstly .. agar kisi ka bhi dil dukha hai kisi 5 saal purani clip ko dekh Kar bhi tou Meri taraf se Mazrat .. jab kay jis pathan dost se ye mazak horaha tha (Neelam Muneer) she laughed really hard herself as she knew my intentions..Phir Bhi kisi ki bhi dil azari hui tou mazrat.”
In his second tweet he said, “Mene kai shows main kaha hai .. “ Pathan Pakistan ki Sab se mehenti qaum hai “ Afsos kay esi baatein log viral nahi kartay.. kher .. mene ek Pathan Prime Minister ko vote Diya tha .. tou main tou Pathano ko itna qabil samjhta hoon… may Allah Bless Pakistan.”


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