Actress Sakina Samo spoke in favour of Saba Qamar.


Actress Sakina Samo raised her voice in favor of Saba Qamar. She wrote in a post on social media that’ “ In solidarity with Saba, with great sadness I say. This is utterly wrong. She’s a fine artist and a kind person. She doesn’t do anything bad to anybody. She’s happy in her world. I think it’s totally unfair to her and an insult to her talent. Things are greatly exaggerated. I believe her good intentions therefore I support her. Actor community should stand by her. If we don’t today then tomorrow it can be anybody’s turn. So beware my fellow actors.”

It may be recalled that the police had registered a case against singer Bilal Saeed and actress Saba Qamar for shooting a song at Wazir Khan Mosque in Lahore on which both the actors had obtained interim bail. Actresses Saba Qamar and Bilal Saeed had taken a stand in their petition that they have been nominated in a baseless and false case. They are innocent and law abiding citizens. A false case has been registered against them.


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