Agencies made it clear that Pakistan’s army is not with the PTI

Agencies made it clear that Pakistan's army is not with the PTI

Defence analyst Lt. Gen. (retd) Ghulam Mustafa said that the agencies should first make it clear that Pakistan’s army is not with the PTI. According to details, speaking on a program on a private TV channel, he said that the Chief of Army Staff is not the army chief of any party, because whenever he becomes an Army Cheif, he belongs to Pakistan’s 7.8 million armies.

However, in this case, the opposition is also abusing, the opposition should also think that when Nawaz Sharif was in power and the problem was created in 2014. The army came openly to support him, but then no one has accused it of being Nawaz Sharif’s army, which has come to support him. He said that get rid of the army for God’s sake from this whole statement because of the fear of harm from it is increasing day by day.

Important decisions were taken at the Corps Commanders Conference chaired by the Chief of Army Staff. It was decided that no blackmailing would take place, no pressure would be brought to bear.

The forces have come a long way, the people and the forces have made sacrifices to bring peace in Pakistan, after so many efforts the country has been taken towards stability, so now there will be no blackmailing in anyone’s hands. Whether it is political elements or non-political, whoever does not recognize the Constitution of Pakistan, whoever pursues an external agenda will not be given any concessions.


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