Another young student did suicide due to teacher harassment.


Harassment is the most tragic occurrence in Pakistan in recent times in any educational institution. After abuse by her doctoral supervisor Dr. Iqbal Chaudhry, Nadia Ashraf was suicidal, a proamising student of the Dr. Panjuani Center for Molecular Medicine and Readiness at Karachi University. Panic has spread among Dr Panjwani Center students following this occurrence. This event should be informed by the highest authorities of the country in such a way that we know the reasons Nadia Ashraf has not been able to complete his PhD over the past 15 years, while she is a dignified scholar.
Nadia Ashraf told her close friends that the reasons were: “Dr. The words Nadia Ashraf spoke in her immediate circle before suicide were made. IQbal Chaudhry would not allow me to have a Doctorate. Iqbal Chaudhry would not allow me to have a PhD. The close circle of Nadia Ashraf also notes that Dr. Iqbal Chaudhry has ordered Nadia to be further assailed by his favorite incompetent teacher, Dr. Atiya Al-Wahab. Which caused her to be really upset. Nadia also disclosed that Iqbal Chaudhry also tried to end Nadia Ashraf ‘s work there when she took a position in other research organization.
Iqbal Chaudhry irritated her more, and asked her to extend her six-month extension. Nadia Ashraf joined the Panjwani Center. There was again an obligatory girl, but the unlawfully occupied Director of the International Chemical and Biopathic Sciences Center, University of Karachi, Dr Iqbal Chaudhry, who had little energy in competing with the illegally occupied girl. As a result, Nadia Ashraf, a helpless girl with her mother, died alone.
This article is not intended to awaken the University of Karachi because the sleepers and not the people are wakened. The problem persists, however, as to why the ambitious student who was doing work on a disease such as cancer should commit suicide. Why would she commit suicide now after more than 20 years of education? Is there any difficulty in sending the university to France for higher education than for so many years to complete its doctorate?? If Dr. Iqbal continued to be told about her problems, why did a student commit suicide and leave her mother alone.
It needs to be investigated?


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