Anti-Islamic rally in Norway after Sweden, desecration of Holy Quran

Anti-Islamic rally in Norway after Sweden desecration OF Holy Quran

Anti-Islamic rally in Norway after Sweden desecration of Holy Quran

Anti-Islam rallies in the Norwegian capital, Oslo, have turned violent, with the head of a local Oslo organization tearing up pages of the Holy Quran during an anti-Islam rally.

According to the details, the wave of clashes that started in Sweden after the burning of the Holy Quran has reached Norway. In the capital Oslo, an organization called “Stop Islamization of Norway” (SIAN) started protests. The demonstrations were held in peace and within the law.

But the situation began to deteriorate when a SIAN leader started talking about the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in a vulgar and objectionable manner. Clashes broke out between the groups.
During the clashes, a woman involved in anti-Muslim protests tore up pages of the Qur’an, a video of which was posted on social media. The woman’s move further infuriated Muslim protesters, and the posting of videos on the Internet has hurt the religious sentiments of Muslims around the world.

Latest Update: Anti-Islam protest in Oslo ends with Koran-tearing and  scuffles between anti-protesters & police (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

One person has been injured in violent protests in Oslo, and more than 20 have been arrested.
As the situation spiraled out of control, more police were called in


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