Salman Khan was second to none in human sympathy.

Salman Khan was second to none in human sympathy
Salman Khan was second to none in human sympathy

MUMBAI: Bollywood’s Sultan Salman Khan has won the people’s hearts by paying a hefty hospital bill for the ailing actor Faraz Khan.
According to Indian media, actor Faraz Khan has been suffering from cough and chest infection for the past one year.

He was recently shifted to a Bangalore hospital due to ill health, where doctors admitted the actor after seeing his condition.

Doctors say the chest infection also affected the actor’s brain. Now the infection is spreading to the brain as well. Due to which the actor has been kept in the intensive care unit.

The actor’s friends started a campaign on social media to raise money for Faraz’s treatment. When the news reached Salman Khan, he immediately decided to bear all the expenses himself.

Regarding the help of Dabangg Khan, showbiz artist Kashmir shared a photo of Dabangg Khan on Instagram and wrote in the caption that she thanks Salman Khan for helping Faraz.

Salman was with her during Faraz Khan’s critical condition. Please stand up and help them as they always do for others.

Dabangg Khan is the only person in the film industry who is a real hero.


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