Cricketers’ smuggling scandal in Srilanka

Cricketers' smuggling scandal in Srilanka

Colombo: Cricketers’ smuggling scandal in Sri Lanka has come to light. It has been revealed that players were taken to Australia on fake ‘profiles.’ Sri Lanka Cricket has launched an investigation into the matter.

According to details, an Australian newspaper has revealed that cricketers from Sri Lanka have been smuggled to Australia on a false profile. An agent named Sami Kandage, who is now residing in Melbourne but allegedly from his home country, took Young athlete to Australia on sports visas by creating false profiles.

One player, speaking on condition of anonymity, said he had only played one first-class match before getting an Australian sports visa with the help of Kandage. The player paid the agent 10,000 after arriving at Melbourne Airport last year. I was accommodated in a house with three rooms and a bathroom and 16 people living there, and it felt like we were staying in a refugee camp.

The agent took 70 young Sri Lankan cricketers to Victoria last season. It should be noted that Cricket Australia issues the letter for Sports Visa based on player data, which shows that fake profiles of players were created here.

While the Australian Border Security Force has launched an investigation into the scandal, Sri Lanka Cricket is also investigating it. “We have decided to investigate the matter. It is a huge scandal, and we want to see that the board employees are not involved in it,” said a top official. Taking it seriously, if anyone is involved, strict action will be taken against him.


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