Dead baby who was about to be buried found alive

A Dead child who was about to be buried turned alive.
A Dead child who was about to be buried turned alive.

Dhaka: A newborn baby was found dead. Before buried in the grave, the Dead child opened his eyes and started crying.

The lady doctor declared baby as a dead child at premature birth and handed it over to the father for burial.

After digging the grave, as soon as the newborn began to be lowered into it, the baby’s body suddenly began to move.

According to the International News Agency report. Shaheen Akhtar, a 7-month-pregnant woman in the Bangladesh capital Dhaka, gave birth prematurely to a baby. who was declared dead by the doctor?

When he was just too buried, his body started moving. The father took the child to the same hospital again.

But due to lack of beds in the general ward, the child had to be taken to another hospital where the health of the mother and child was said to be out of danger.


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