Did actress Aliza and Noman break up?

Did actress Aliza and Noman break up?

Did actress Aliza and Noman break up?

LAHORE: Emerging Pakistani TV industry actress Aliza Shah and newcomer Noman Sami have stopped following each other on Instagram, suggesting that they have parted ways. Rumors of Aliza and Noman’s close friendship were commonplace, and the two appeared together at various events in addition to the dramas.

Some time ago, Noman assured Aliza of his sincere friendship and wrote in his post on Insta, ‘You have always supported me and supported me in good and bad times, I promise that in every good and bad time, always I will support you, no matter what.


In response to the post, Aliza Shah said, “I have nothing more to say, but you are a blessing from Allah for me.”


Alizee has also been sharing a vague post tagging Noman several times, on which the fans speculated that their friendship would soon turn into another relationship.

Aliza Shah also expressed her love for Noman Sami. She wrote in his post, that will you stay with me in the moonlight? In response to Alize Shah’s ‘proposal,’ Noman Sami immediately said yes.

Now the two have stopped following each other on Instagram, which has led to speculation that the two have parted ways. Aliza’s recent post also says that she has made a fresh start with her new look. The actress’s caption is also related to this.

On Instagram, the actress picked up her pet cat. She posted a caption to the famous American singer Katy Perry’s song “Wide Awake,” which is included in the studio album “Teenage Dream,” released in March 2012. Remember that the two recently aired dramas, Mera Dil Mera Dushman seemed to work together. Alize Shah not only acts but also does modeling. She was also given an award for her best performance in the drama serial ‘Ishq Tamasha.’


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