Engineer Bilal Masood Sheikh joins Tehreek Jawanan Pakistan/Kashmir

Engineer Bilal Mehsood Sheikh join Tehrik Jawanan Pakistan/Kashmir
Engineer Bilal Mehsood Sheikh join Tehrik Jawanan Pakistan/Kashmir

Engineer Bilal Mehsood Sheikh is a candidate for legislative assembly from constituency 3 city Muzaffarabad.

Engineer Bilal Masood is an upcoming candidate for legislative Assembly Azad Jammu Kashmir and joins Tehreek Jawanan Pakistan/Kashmir. He is one of the dominant youth leaders from Azad Kashmir and his party’s major aim is to empower youth and provide basic facilities and freedom to them. Tehreek Jawanan Pakistan/Kashmir is based on youth and promised the nation if they selected for legislative assembly they will help youth and support youth in their achievements.

Engineer Bilal is also an educated and young leader from Azad Jammu Kashmir who worked a lot as a social activist throughout the country now he wants to serve his people by contesting the upcoming election.

Furthermore, he said that the previous governments did not fulfill their pledge with youth in different sectors like Commerce, Industries, Health, etc. Insha Allah when the youth like us they will lead in legislation assembly they the faith of nation will be changed.


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